Heavy-duty conveyor belt impact bed

Looking for a durable and effective solution to really absorb impact and prevent the perforation of your conveyor belt? R. Brunone's Sparmat impact bed is your solution. For over 15 years now, the Sparmat has been revolutionizing the impact-slider bed industry. The SPARMAT is an heavy-duty impact bed designed to cushion live loads. It absorbs a large amount of energy from materials that fall onto the belt at loading point. The chains, UHMW blocks and rubber supports are working in collaboration for heavy load absorption at transfer points.


Advantages of the Sparmat Impact bed:

  • Increases the lifespan of primary belts up to 3 time
  • Reduces belt perforation and damage
  • Reduces impact roller consumption
  • Increases equipment availability
  • Can contribute to increased tonnage on a belt.

The SPARMAT in detail:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • High resistance chains
  • Rubber damping bars
  • Interconnected absorption blocks
  • Polyethylene guide rails
  • 3 versions : Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty




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