Conveyor Material confinement & Dust Reduction

Increase sealing and reduce dust of conveyor belt load zones

The TRANSPAR seal system: reinvented sealing for loading zones

TRANSPAR is our most versatile belt conveyor material containment system, requiring minimal maintenance. Using the deep trough principle, it can be used on transfer conveyors located at the transfer point from another conveyor, screen or crusher. It can be equipped with a SPARMAT impact bed to absorb shocks caused by larger particle sizes. The Transpar is the best sealing system to reduce dust and material spillage at loadzones. 


The advantages of TRANSPAR:

  • Up to 99% dust and spill reduction
  • Over 200% reduction in cleaning
  • Eliminates daily skirting adjustments
  • Reduces general maintenance around conveyors
  • No loss of seal in case of misalignment
  • Fast and tangible return on investment 


Why a deep trough? 

  • Increases the "beam" effect of the belt
  • Reduces belt sagging
  • Creates a labyrinth type seal by “sandwiching” the belt bottom and top covers
  • Uses gravity as a seal


The TRANSPAR in detail:

  • Use of a deep trough ranging from 45° to 75° degrees
  • Labyrinth seal system
  • UHMW sliding panels
  • Galvanized chassis




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