Enduride heavy-duty conveyor rollers are designed to last

The invention of the Enduride roller comes from a very simple idea: to create a roller minimizing the three main sources of failure: external contamination, vibration and deflection. Our innovative technology optimizes the roller's performance and service life, resulting in a tangible and rapid return on investment for our customers conveyor belt operations. For over 15 years, Enduride products have been helping companies reduce their operating costs and annual belt roller consumption. Regardless of the size of your operations and your budget, we have a solution for you.

Both our idlers (Rollers and Frames) and our Retrofit rollers are available in CEMA C, CEMA D, CEMA E, CEMA F and CEMA G.


Superior roller sealing system


  • Patented triple labyrinth system
  • Meets and surpasses the CEMA standard
  • Adapts to all types of frames
  • Available in all sizes and dimensions


Characteristics and differentiation 

  • Up to triple the lifespan
  • Noise reduction of up to 12 decibels
  • Works in extreme conditions
  • Specialized lubricants (-73 ° C to + 204 ° C)
  • Minimum TIR and concentricity
  • Extreme load capacity


Types of rollers and frames available

  • Diameter: 1.9'' to 10'' (Metric rollers also available)
  • Shaft: 20 mm to 70 mm and +
  • Belts from 18'' to 104''

Learn about our customized solutions.

To know more about the standard dimensions of our products, visit the "Technical knowledge" section of the website.




Troughing roller idler

Impact idler

Self-aligning roller idler

Return/Self-cleaning roller

Garland idler

Picking idler

V-Return idler

Inset idler

Live shaft roller




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