Belt Turner & Turnover System

Conveyor belt turner or turnover is a simple, effective and very safe solution for reducing maintenance, contamination and dust. It also increases the lifespan of several critical conveyor components. When you turn your return belt over, its "dirty" side will end up on top and prevent material that has not been cleaned by the scrapers from building up the return rollers or falling underneath the conveyor. This solution is particularly useful in tunnels, inaccessible places or on long conveyors.


Why turn over a belt with SPAR 3?

  • + 90% less cleaning on the return side
    • Limit cleaning operations under the return side to only two locations (Head and Tail)
    • Especially useful in tunnels or other places where cleaning is difficult
  • More than doubles the lifespan of return rollers
  • Eliminates build-up on return rollers and improves alignment
  • Improves the lifespan of the belt
  • +100% cleaning elimination on the return side in between the two turnovers

Is it safe? Will the belt break?

  • Belt turners have been used in various industries for many years all over the world. The Brunone solution innovates because it is simple, effective and will not damage your belt. The SPAR 3 has been specifically designed to protect the belt and improve operational efficiency. All of our sliding parts are specially designed in UHMW. Before an installation, you can count on a team of experts who have installed thousands of belt turners. Our experts will be able to give you technical advice on your application. 



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