Belt Cleaning & Scrapers

Finding and maintaining the right belt cleaner and scraper for a conveyor belt is a constant challenge. The accumulation of material on the belt contributes to increased dust, extra cleaning and premature wear of components. An effective belt scraper is the key to success. The Brunone SparClean is a unique product that will deliver quick results


SPARCLEAN: Technology at the service of cleaning

The power of the diamond blade

  • Longer lifespan
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Adjustable and automatic tensioner
  • Ideal for abrasive products
  • Available in carbide, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Straight version version also available
  • Heated scraper and cleaner option
  • Vivrating blade option

SPARCLEAN's performance is optimal thanks to the combination of several innovative patented technologies:  carbide blade, innovative aluminum joint, body and frame.

Carbide's high level of hardness guarantees extreme resistance to abrasion from cleaning and a longer lifespan for the scraper.

The elastic joint, made with a combination of rubber and aluminum, ensures optimal contact with the belt. In fact, its characteristics make it possible to prestress the scraper, guaranteeing constant pressure while absorbing vibrations.

The cleaner's curve provides higher pressure and better contact at the center of the belt, where product residues are more concentrated. Finally, the aluminum body offers lightness, strength and longevity.



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