Belt Alignment & Tracker

Belt alignment is a constant operational concern. An unaligned belt can cause major belt breakdowns, premature wear on steel structures, rollers and pulleys and higher energy consumption.

Brunone alignment/tracker solutions are divided into two distinct products:

Spar 7:

  • Simple and highly effective solution, especially for low- speed belts
  • Easy installation and close to zero maintenance
  • Belts from 18'' to 96"
  • Speed limited to 400 feet/minute

Spar AC Inf:

  • Ensures continuous alignment of the belt
  • Works on the return side
  • Works on the clean side of the belt
  • Uses pressure as an alignment principle
  • High-performance alignment for reversible belt
  • Operates up to 1,200 feet/minute
  • For belts up to 72'' wide (wider upon request)




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