Pulleys designed to last

Engineering pulleys for critical applications is our specialty.

In collaboration with our parent company, Metal 7, Enduride has more than 40 years of expertise in the repair and manufacture of critical pulleys. For us, each pulley is unique and must be designed according to the application.

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Advantages of our pulleys:

  • Up to 5 times more useful life than standard pulleys
  • Represent an optimal solution, combining adhesion and ABRASION RESISTANCE
  • Improve equipment availability
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Designed to facilitate any future repairs

What sets us apart:

  • Surface treatment technology and technical expertise
  • Chrome carbide coating, unique to Enduride
  • R & D engineering team dedicated to new surface treatments responding to industry needs
  • Specialization in corrosion and abrasion
  • Precision balancing
  • Over 40 years of expertise and experience in the mining industry
  • Turnkey projects

The solution:

Metal 7 / Enduride: Expertise and Technology

Thanks to our vast experience and state-of-the-art technology, Enduride / Metal 7 have developed renowned expertise in the repair and manufacture of pulleys of up to 60 "(1524mm) in diameter.

Metal 7 calculates the size of shafts and shells according to its own standards, which surpass the CEMA standard. We also ensure the physical integrity of all our pulleys by performing a finite element study. Combined with our advanced welding technologies, the Metal 7 / Enduride pulley guarantees unmatched strength and balance.

Our variety of coating types guarantees the optimal solution, combining adhesion and resistance with abrasion. Metal 7 uses advanced manufacturing methods to guarantee the highest-performing pulley on the market. Laboratory abrasion testing, continuous monitoring and third-party weld testing/verification are just some of the processes that Metal7 has put in place to ensure balanced, high-performance anti-abrasion and high-resistance pulleys.